Top 10 Entrepreneur Insights

Presented by WEST Growth client partners.


Top 10 Entrepreneur Insights

There are foreseen and unforeseen challenges that arise with any new venture. 

One of the most inspiring aspects to the WEST Growth community is the interest and willingness of our client partners to help one-another and anyone who dreams big and follows their passion to make a difference.  Here is glimpse into the daily discussions had between clients and the valuable insights they'd like to share with you.  Enjoy!

Entrepreneur Insight #10

Keep the Start-Up "Roller Coaster" in perspective by maintaining a lens of learning.

Beth Toefel, Footprint ID

Entrepreneur Insight #9

Changing purchase psychology requires diligence and demonstration of both qualitative and quantitative benefits.

Brian Mommsen, Resident

Entrepreneur Insight #8

Having a visionary, disruptive idea requires identifying and attracting equally visionary partners and employees

Christopher Sealy, Coverus Health

Entrepreneur Insight #7

Anticipate operational demands for growth (even when you don't expect it).

Danny Taing, Bokksu

Entrepreneur Insight #6

Culture Management is massively important as you grow.

Francesca Loftus, hOM

Entrepreneur Insight #5

It is critical to build trust early with your team (especially when people have different competencies).

John Sherman, Beek Hill

Entrepreneur Insight #4

You need to identify key pivot points and when to make the right shifts.

Nick Iovacchini, KettleSpace

Entrepreneur Insight #3

Creating an environment of active listening will have a material effect on the success of your business.

Rahul Bhansali, ICV Venture Engineering Fund

Entrepreneur Insight #2

You can't expect staff to work as hard as you do on your company

Sam Asfahani, Gaming Inc.

Entrepreneur Insight #1

You need to find the right balance between ideal product and speed to market.

Vincent Bradley, Proper Wild

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