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These Proven Proofs significantly increase the probability of business success and fund raising potential. The WEST Growth Technology platform is specifically designed to expedite the achievement of The 5 Proofs.

1 Progressive Milestones

Essential deliverables (3 key milestones) and timeline to de-risk the company in support of achieving next two rounds of funding.

2 Product Market Fit

Proven market traction with defined audience through demonstration of a sales funnel model including cost of acquisition, retention, and lifetime value; proven ability to listen to customers.

3 Business Model

Solid strategy and approach for generating revenue in the short and long term.

4 Proven Discipline

Consistency in driving activities and avoiding distractions; tracking performance towards achievement of next key milestones while keeping all stakeholders focused with clear, transparent communication.

5 Financial Clarity

Clear reporting against current budget and spending, as well as a rationale approach to future forecast projections and use-of-funds.

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