Our Services
Comprehensive Accounting and Business Development Services

Financial Management

Track and share your progress and reports with investors and board members

Access to a Connected Network

Providing introductions and access to strategic investors, corporations and influential partners to take your business to the next level

Accounting & Tax Guidance

Comprehensive expertise across multiple business sectors

Financial & Business Strategy

We create a visual map outlining your company’s true goals and objectives

Core Platform

Accounting + Strategic Growth Platform

Our foundational service offering is designed to instill founders with a focus on key milestones and a disciplined cadence of financially-driven decision making.  We provide professional accounting services (not bookkeeping like others) to ensure your accounting records are accurate and ready for any tax and compliance needs.

Accounting Maintenance Software

Bill payment and receipt tracking software (QBO/Xero, Bill.com, Expensify) integrated into your private dashboard

WEST Growth Dashboard

Secure go-to resource for all financial status and reporting with built-in triggers that alert the team to key financial-based events

Management Reports Module

Establish and track goals for all employees within in your private dashboard

Service Requests

Faciliates request for additional information and work with WEST and/or Strategic Partners

Trigger System

Built into accounting system to flag alerts when an additional action may be required or available

Investor Reports

Ongoing reports accessible to investors that build and maintain credibility


Budget Review & Entry into WEST Accounting System

Budget reviewed with Account Manager and set up accessed through your private dashboard

Business Strategy Milestone Mapping Session

Identify key goals and establish milestones needed to advance the business forward

Dedicated Account Manager

Manages bookkeeping, monitor accounting milestones, pay bills, conduct monthly business reviews

Set-up or Rework Chart of Accounts

Clean-up of current year financials and set up of chart of accounts including unique record for each type of asset, liability, equity, revenue and expense.

WEST Client Interactions

Organized gatherings to facilitate sharing of ideas and best practices between clients and founders


Incremental Services

WEST Incremental Services Offerings

"We strive to be the first point of contact for our clients when they face any question or challenge."

Mark Brenner, Co-Founder.

Our primary operating mantra is to be as helpful as possible for our clients. It's critically important that early stage founders address roadblocks and challenges early and efficiently. That is why we make it easy to access our full suite of best-in-class resources and specialists to address any of the myriad challenges that may arise. 

If you are interested in learning more about the full range of over fifty (50) WEST Growth service offerings, please submit your request below. 

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