Our Mission

Helping founders generate a meaningful return on sacrifice.

Growing a business takes vision, determination and expertise. But you can’t know it all. You must focus attention on what you do best and where it matters most on building your business.

WEST Growth was founded and is led by people who are dedicated to a singular mission to ensure that your hard work pays off.  

Mark Brenner
, CEO & Co-Founder of WEST Growth shares his life-long purpose and mission.

Importance of Purpose

“A driving conviction fuels you with the determination and creativity to overcome difficult challenges.”

Mark Brenner, CEO & Co-Founder, WEST Growth

WEST Growth directs clients through a process of establishing clear, measurable milestones and instills a disciplined cadence of activity to achieve these milestones.  This gives founders a focused pathway to advance their driving purpose.

Entrepreneur friendly people, pricing and know-how

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