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[mad accounting skills + entrepreneurial minded]

Seeking a dynamic, rapidly growing, highly collaborative work environment? Then look no further. We are in need of self-motived account managers to join our quickly expanding team!

And as a subsidiary of Wiss & Company, WEST Growth provides you with great stability, benefits and multiple pathways to direct your career. If you have a passion for start-ups and a knack for numbers then WEST Growth may be the perfect place to apply your talents.

The Wiss & Co. Advantage

A key differentiating benefit that WEST Growth clients enjoy is the association with Wiss & Company, a top 100 accounting firm with nearly 300 employees and deep experience in every industry.  
The WEST Account Managers reside at Wiss and have access to a full range of tax, assurance and business advisory experts at their disposal to answer questions and work directly on WEST client projects.  

Entrepreneur friendly people, pricing and know-how

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